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WELCOME to Juk-Ahm

Martial Arts Training Center!

Where Your Success is our Focus!

 Grand Master Brad Whitlow, 9th Degree Black Belt, will personally train with you helping you reach your goals every step of the way! 


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Grow Strong and Flexible like Bamboo, Solid like a Rock!     


Juk-Ahm Self-Defense Training

Now is the time to take control of your life!

Improve Your Self Confidence!

Drawing from almost 50 years of experience and a deep passion for the Martial Arts, Master Whitlow will help you achieve results quickly.

During this course you will learn from a blend of many arts...Taekwondo,

Muay Thai, Boxing, Aikido, Hapkido, Kali, Jiu-Jitsu and more!

You will learn

​Mental Awareness Techniques

Effective Striking and Kicking Techniques

Learn simple but effective escapes.

Learn Defense against Gun, Knife, Stick and Much More!

If you are looking for self defense training that is effective and fun to learn

in a safe, non-intimidating, outdoor environment then

Juk-Ahm Self-Defense Training Classes

are for you!


Self-Defense is like Insurance!  You hope you won't need It....But if you do....



This course is perfect for Teens, College Students, Families, and Busy Executives 

Ask about Special Family, Buddy and Group Discounts.


Make it Happen! 

Go through Life with More Confidence!



"I started training with Master Whitlow in the spring of 2013. I was hooked as soon as I started training. Juk-Ahm is unlike anything else. I like to call it "Crossfit for Ninjas!" We condition in a one of a kind atmosphere at a location that takes your breath away.  I enjoy every minute I'm training with Master Whitlow!"



~Tyler Laney


"Great knowledge, experience and a true Martial Artist with the credentials and skills that would benefit any style, law enforcement, group or company. A down to earth, straight shooting Master Instructor"


Dwayne D Doran

Director of Safety and Security at Mercy Hospital Springfield


Juk-Ahm Logo

Juk-Ahm is unique with our outdoor training pavilion nestled into a Bamboo Forest. Our obstacle course and trails run up down the rocky hillsides of the beautiful Stones River!  


Self-Defense and Combatives

Mixed  Martial Arts Training

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