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Welcome to Juk-Ahm Mixed Martial Arts, where the steadfast resilience of a rock meets the adaptable grace of bamboo in every lesson. Our courses are not just about martial arts--they're about forging an unshakable core and strong spirit to face life's battles.

You will forge and unbreakable foundation as the curriculum builds you from the ground up, instilling strength that's as ensuring as a rock.

You'll flow with graceful tenacity, just like bamboo.  As bamboo bends with the wind, our teachings equip you with the flexibility to adapt to any challenge. Get started today and learn to combine firm result with agile responsiveness.

9th degree Grand Master Brad Whitlow tailors the training to get rock solid results with a balanced approach to martial arts and self defense.  With his personalized guidance, you'll achieve mastery that's both dynamic and disciplined.  

Join us and transform into your strongest self--unyielding in conviction, yet versatile in action. At Juk-Ahm, every lesson is a step towards embodying the power and poise of our philosophy.

Embrace the Juk-Ahm way.  Begin your journey to become strong and flexible like bamboo and solid as a rock. Sign up now and set the foundation for a life of strength and adaptability.

OUR STORY: The Juk-Ahm Legacy

At Juk-Ahm, our roots run deep and our aspirations soar high--embodying the enduring strength of rock and the flexibility and resilience of bamboo. Under the guidance of Grand Master Brad Whitlow, a 9th Degree Black Belt with nearly 5 decades of martial arts wisdom, our training center has become a sanctuary where the age-old adage come to life: be strong and flexible like bamboo and strong as a rock. 

Our unique outdoor training pavilion, seminars, and online courses allows you to enjoy the backdrop of a bamboo forest and the rugged terrain of Stones River, we've cultivated a space that mirrors our philosophy.  Training with Grand Master Whitlow offers the balance of firmness and flexibility to encourage our students growth.  

Juk-Ahm isn't just a name--it's a promise. A vow to nurture martial artists like you to achieve your fitness and self-defense goals. Join us, and become part of a legacy that stands steadfast against the test of time, while moving with the ebbs and flows of life's challenges.


Grand Master Whitlow has designed the most effective training paths for you and your self defense goals!


There is nothing more empowering than leading an active life----nothing but knowing that you can defend yourself in any situation.  Let's uncover what training program is right for you!  With online courses, 1:1 personal training, seminars and more, we have everything you need to get started today! 


Being committed to your training is the most effective and sustainable ways to get a healthy body, learn effective self-defense and achieve the results you want. We'll help to stay motivated in your training so that you are sure to achieve your personal, self-defense, and fitness goals!


Irrespective of varying workout goals from increasing mobility and flexibility, gaining muscles, to learning self-defense, measuring your progress is a must.  We'll help you reach your short and long term goals and help you track your progress along the way!  Be strong  strong and flexible and like bamboo and solid as  rock!


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Our programs have helped thousands of people to become fitter, strong and flexible like bamboo and solid as a rock!  Join the movement!  Experience the Juk-Ahm way!
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