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Master Whitlow
Tests for 9th Degree
in Tampa, Forida  July, 2017
Master Whitlow Demonstrates Blind Fold Jump Spin Side Kick
in Russia

Grand Master Brad Whitlow

9th Degree Black Belt



Grand Master Brad Whitlow began his career in martial arts as a teenager in 1974, in Hot Springs, Arkansas, under the Instruction of now 9th Degree Black Grand Master Bob Hardin.


During his earlier years Mr. Whitlow was an intense competitor, traveling the United States, competing in tournaments and winning the National Champion title several times.  Some other highlights of Master Whitlow's career have been competitions and seminars in Greece, Russia, Italy, Korea, Scotland, Ireland and Canada.


In 1984 he opened his first school in Murfreesboro, TN as a 4th Degree Black Belt where he was Owner and Chief Instructor of Whitlow’s Taekwondo Training Center.


Mr. Whitlow also served in the position of Vice President of the USTF as well as being on their Board of Directors and serving as their Technical Director. His outstanding attention to detail and technique led to the creation of The VAK Training System, which leads the serious Taekwondo student through visual, auditory and kinesthetic training.


His latest accomplishment is this Self Defense Training Manual for the beginning student and will be followed by a Self Defense Advanced Manual. He is devoted to improving the lives of students through these teaching and training manuals. 


It is Master Whitlow’s belief that constant and never-ending improvement of the body and mind can be achieved through the attention to detail and principles found in these teaching aids.



Board Break Demonstrations

Seminar and Camps  Demonstrations

Close Quarters  Self Defense  Demonstrations

Self-Defense and Combatives

Mixed  Martial Arts Training

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