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Juk-Ahm Adult Class

Juk-Ahm Boot Camp 

This is our adult beginner course! This course will help you understand your body and how to use it to defend yourself and your family, while getting in great physical and mental shape!

Basically, it is the best way to find out if this program is for you!

Juk-Ahm Fit-Defense - Level One

Juk-Ahm Basic Fitness and Self-Defense Program

Juk-Ahm Advanced Programs

JukAhm Stand-up Lock and Control - Level Two

Juk-Ahm Clinch-Takedowns and Ground Defense - Level Three

Juk-Ahm Weapons Defense - Level Four

Juk-Ahm Stick Defense

Juk-Ahm Knife Defense

Juk-Ahm Gun Defense

Self-Defense and Combatives

Mixed  Martial Arts Training

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