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Juk-Ahm Training Camps and Seminars

It’s time to sign up for Juk-Ahm’s 

Spring,  Summer or Fall Training Camps


Schedule Your Own Camp!

Come join us for a fun yet challenging weekend!

Run the bamboo trails, train on the rocky hillsides,

mediate by the river, 

Train in the bamboo gym, relax by the campfire

A totally unique training experience!I

Juk-Ahm Day Camps

Juk-Ahm Weekend Camps

Juk-Ahm Summer Camps

Juk-Ahm Seminars


Day - Weekend - Summer Camps


Day Camps

Bring your small group 

to a Fit-Defense Day 


Weekend Camps

 3 Days of Training 

 Bring a Tent and Camp out!


 Summer Camps

 Kids Summer Camps - 5 Days of Training 


Are you ready for an Awesome Training Experience?


Set up your own small group. Martial Artist or Weekend Warrior 

or anyone who wants to train like one!

Get Ready The Time is Now!

Let’s Train!

Then afterwards let’s relax, sit by a campfire and hang!

Juk-Ahm Training Camps

What we could cover?


Footwork Drills   

You can practice individually to develop your defensive and offensive movement. 

Hu-Bud Drills  

To enhance your ability to stay loose, relaxed and smooth with your movements. 

 Kicking and Striking to the Clinch and Takedown P.I.T. Drills 

 Working on the different ranges.

 Trapping Drills 

 Partner Drills to develop flow. 

Mitt Training

Learn “Tried and True” Boxing and Kicking Techniques. 

Stick, Knife and Gun Defense

Learn routine’s that will have you looking and feeling confident. 

Sparring and Set Sparring Drills

Learn how to flow and spar with some great drills.




Training Camps and Seminars

Juk-Ahm Training Camp 

August 19-20-21 -2022

Contact me at

if you would like to Book a 

Juk-Ahm  Training Camp

JukAhm Camp August 19,20,21st 2022.jpg

I look forward to training with you.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me. 

Self-Defense and Combatives

Mixed  Martial Arts Training

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