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Juk-Ahm Junior Executive  Class

During this Fit-Defense course your 10 to 15 year old child will develop the following skills:

Improve physical fitness and stamina

How to avoid becoming the victim of bullying!
What to do if approached by an adult perpetrator!
Effective striking and kicking techniques!
Simple but effective escapes!
Defense techniques against weapon attacks!

Develop Leadership skills!

This course is designed to put your child in a position of understanding while increasing their awareness of possible dangers. It is wise for your children to learn basic self-defense that will

protect them if they are in danger.

With school violence and other crimes against children increasing help your child combat fear and

intimidation with the confidence this course provides.  

Small Groups
Summer Camps
Partner Training

It is Time to Prepare your Child! 

This course is taught by Brad Whitlow,

 Grand Master Instructor, 9th Degree Black Belt.

Master Whitlow has been teaching children Self-Defense for over 40 years.

Training in the Martial Arts will give your Child Skills to Succeed and Survive! 

Self-Defense and Combatives

Mixed  Martial Arts Training

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