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Run the bamboo trials

Enjoy a run through the challenging but peaceful trails of the bamboo forest. Get away from the bussle of your city and reconnect with nature while taking in the refreshing air that revitalizes the body and spirit. .

Train on the rocky hillside

Push your limits with a vigorous training session along the rugged, rocky hillside. Escape the gym and embrace the raw beauty of nature as you push your body to new heights..
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Mediate on the river bank

Stretch out and find your inner peace by meditating along the Chrystal blue waters of the river bank, creating a sanctuary of peace and tranquility. 

Train at the bamboo gym

Empower yourself with self-defense training at our unique outdoor bamboo pavilion, where the strength of the bamboo inspires resilience and agility, blending ancient wisdom with modern techniques in the heart of nature's tranquility. Here you will become flexible like bamboo, strong as a rock!
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Juk-Ahm Events

Come join us for a fun yet challenging weekend! Run the Bamboo Trails, Train on the Rocky Hillsides, Meditate by the river.
Train in the bamboo gym, relax by the campfire.  A totally unique training experience!
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  • Stretch out by the waters of the river bank
  • Self-defense training at the bamboo pavilion
  • Vigorous training sessions along the hillside
  • Enjoy runs through the bamboo forest

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Our students love our camps 

“This summer camp was a great experience.  It was challenging for sure, but I loved every minute of it. I'll be going again this year.  My favorite part outside of training was the river, the place is natures paradise.  We ended the days around a campfire.  Unforgettable experience!"
Nick Davis
“I usually host a summer camp at a local place, but decided to give this venue a try. My students haven't stopped talking about the experience.There was a lot of training opportunities with fun and nature outings all peppered in to make for a stellar experience for my group.”
John Carter
“Finally some practical self-defense techniques. I'd been looking for something that I could use to add value to my Black Belt and Leadership programs, but the issue was I needed something for any skills level since my programs have all ages and ranks.  This was perfect, thank you!   ”
Stephanie Jones
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