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Hand-crafted and laser engraved horizontal hanger. Features 4 pieces of bamboo engraved with, "You're not going to master the rest of your life in one day, just relax. Master the day, then just keep doing that every day." 

Horizontal Hangers - You're not going to master...

  • Hello Friends,

    These homegrown Bamboo Keepsakes are harvested at Juk-Ahm Martial Arts Training Center on the beautiful Stones River in Murfreesboro TN.  Grand Master Brad Whitlow, 9th Degree Black Belt, hand selects each piece of bamboo and creates these beautiful and unique keepsakes.  

    Juk-Ahm stands for Bamboo-Rock!  

    Grow Strong and Flexible like Bamboo!  Solid like a Rock My Friends!



Self-Defense and Combatives